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Electronics Packaging

Even the most advanced technology will sit on the shelf if consumers don’t notice it. This means it’s crucial to develop and design packaging for electronic products that catches the eye and communicates effectively. Shoppers need to be able to identify at a glance what kind of device is contained inside, what features it has, and how it can improve their lives. Consumer electronics packaging should also effectively protect the often fragile and sensitive components it contains. Fortunately, General Converting (GCI) has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to creating technology packaging.

Electronics Packaging


With our custom electronic packaging offerings, manufacturers can showcase and protect their products. When you choose us to create made-to-order folding cartons, you can more effectively market your brand. The right combination of aesthetics and functionality will build trust with your customers and help them remember your company long after they first see your name.

What We Can Do for You

Whether they contain replacement parts or fully assembled devices, we have the capabilities to create boxes and cartons that fit your products perfectly. No matter what size, color or functionality you require, our advanced production facilities can bring your ideas for electronic device packaging to life.

GCI offers a variety of options when it comes to electronics packaging. Whether you want a standard 4-color process package utilizing our high-quality inks and aqueous coating or you want to give your packaging more pop with spot UV, pearlescent coatings, foil stamping or embossing/debossing, we can ensure your electronics packaging will stand out on the shelf.

After all, you’re selling a high-end product so your electronics packaging should reflect the same! We produce packaging for some major electronics companies in the U.S. that entrust us with their business because they know their folding cartons will be on time, of the utmost quality and truly reflect their reputation in the marketplace.

Why Work With Us?

When you turn to us, you’ll get so much more than a packaging supplier. Our goal is to become true partners with the companies we serve. That means we work closely with you to assess your needs and develop solutions that effectively meet your requirements. We pride ourselves on being creative, flexible and accessible to our clients. You’ll always be able to talk to us at your convenience, and you can be confident we understand your business’s unique requirements. We have been in operation for more than 35 years, meaning we have the experience to service this demanding and challenging industry in a timely, professional manner.

We’re also the best choice for helping you meet your sustainability goals. That’s because we recycle as much as possible and purchase 100% of our electricity from renewable sources.

The only thing our cartons can’t do is “light up,” but they will be sure to attract the consumer and “electrify” your sales! Get in touch with one of our representatives today to learn more about what we can do for you.