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Custom Packaging Materials

We utilize only top quality materials in the design and manufacture of custom folding cartons and specialty displays for our customers.  Our persistent goal is to thoroughly understand the requirements of each of our customers and to anticipate the demands that will placed on the finished products. We make sure that the material being used is the optimal one for the given application and for our customer's needs. At General Converting (GCI) we fully appreciate that your success is our success. Product Packaging Materials We also work with our customers to recommend alternative packaging materials that are eco-friendly and suitable for our customers' needs, including chipboard packaging. Some of the materials we work with, along with some of their general characteristics and applications are listed below. Do not hesitate to ask us how we might most effectively satisfy your particular packaging or display needs.
  • SUS (Solid Unbleached Sulfate): Possessing greater strength and rigidity than SBS, it can be found in many applications, including the packaging for 12-packs of soda and beer, cereal boxes, car care packaging, etc.
  • CCNB (Clay Coated Newsback): CCNB packaging is recycled paper stock used commonly for food (indirect food contact; e.g. in cereal boxes and cracker boxes). Also commonly used in POP (Point of Purchase) counter displays, automotive parts packaging, and countless other product packaging materials and display applications.
  • CCKB (Clay Coated Kraft-Backed): For more heavy duty applications than regular CCNB, this is a stronger and stiffer board. It has similar applications as above, including beverage packaging, food packaging, automotive and industrial products.
  • 1-Side and 2-Side Polyester: This is an SBS board coated with polyester, making it ideal for applications where moisture or grease must be prevented from penetrating; e.g. everything from food packaging to garden hose reels.
  • Metallized Polyester: This polyester packaging material is a film lamination on SBS, providing a bright and attractive exterior ideal for many applications including media packaging (esp. DVDs.)
  • Micro-Flute Corrugated: This is great for applications involving heavier or bulkier items, where strength greater than that provided by folding cartons is required, but printability is still sought. We work with micro-flute thicknesses from 0.005" to 0.042".
  • Eclipse:  A strong solid fiber sheet which competes with corrugated materials due to its superior printability. Commonly used for liquor bottles, POP counter displays, shipper boxes, candy bars and so on.
In addition, we're proud to offer our customers a range of especially eco-friendly product packaging materials options.