Family Owned and Operated since 1982


Structural Design and Prepress

Structural Design

GCI features a state-of-the art structural design facility complete with Impact CAD software and a Zund plotter. We can handle any request from duplicating a standard style folding carton or a custom design.

  • If you want a box that is shaped like a boat or a train, we can do that for you!
  • We do not charge for samples or our design work
  • Samples are normally turned in 24-48 hours!
Structural Design and Prepress


GCI features a well-trained team of prepress engineers capable of making your project come to life!  We can accept final files and generate proofs as well as provide art/design services.  This department features:

  • Kodak Prinergy Powerpack Workflow
  • Epson 9900 EFI Fiery XF Proofing
  • Kodak Magnus 800 Thermal Imaging
  • Heidelberg Prinect Prepress Interface, CIP3
  • GlobalVision Copy Proofing