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Cosmetics & Fragrance Packaging

When it comes to designing and creating cosmetic packaging boxes, form and function are often synonymous: the mode of delivery should protect the product, but it must also serve as a representative of what it holds. The package is an integral part of the brand experience and a powerful driver for the consumer. If the container does not effectively communicate the commodity inside, buyers will be less likely to purchase.

As one of the leading fragrance packaging companies, General Converting (GCI) understands this better than anyone. We’re committed to delivering custom cosmetic and perfume packaging solutions that live up to your expectations.

What We Can Do for You

In the manufacturing of packaging for health, beauty and cosmetic products, an elaborate range of materials can be called upon to achieve the right look, from SBS (virgin board) to metallized polyester. High gloss UV coatings are often employed to achieve higher reflectivity. At GCI we will work with you and make sure that we appreciate the specific requirements and goals of your project. The end result will be cosmetic and fragrance product packaging that meets the correct standards for transportation, storage and display, and provides an optimal surface for your graphics to be visually enhanced and catch the eye of the consumer.

We utilize the latest technology to design and manufacture health and beauty packaging and cosmetic packaging for our customers. We’re always watching the latest trends when it comes to artwork, materials, resources and design elements of custom cosmetic packaging boxes that are most likely to fly off the shelves. All of our folding carton products are custom made to perfectly fit our customers' requirements. We aim to develop a partnership with each customer that's based on communication, responsiveness and trust.

Cosmetics and Fragrance Packaging


What Makes General Converting Different?

Whether it's a folding carton that will enclose hair care products, perfume bottles, lipstick, lip gloss, or any of an almost limitless range of other health, beauty and cosmetic items, our customers come to us seeking custom printed cosmetic boxes that will safely carry the product at the same time as it carries a message of quality, distinction and professionalism.

Cosmetics and Fragrance Packaging play a pivotal role in making a product stand out from the competition and attract the attention of buyers. When you know exactly what you need, we're happy to provide it. If, on the other hand, you're seeking design assistance and advice from people who have cutting edge knowledge and experience in the field, then GCI can give you creative options to choose from. Although we make custom cosmetic boxes, we think outside the box when it comes to packaging design.

When you choose us for your custom perfume and cosmetic packaging solutions, you’ll receive a true partner that stands with you every step of the way. Our clients have come to value our extensive expertise, open communication and attention to detail. We’re also strongly committed to sustainability, recycling as much as possible and sourcing 100% renewable energy.

Samples of custom health and beauty or cosmetic packaging can be turned around in as little as two days, and often as promptly as 24 hours. To learn more about our capabilities, reach out to us today.