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Automotive Product Packaging

At General Converting (GCI), we've been manufacturing custom specialty packaging since 1982, and we have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of folding cartons to meet our customers' needs in automotive care and car parts packaging. Our custom packaging for automotive products are made to the highest quality and will be exactly what you are looking for.

Custom specialty packaging means exactly that at GCI, and all of our automotive parts packaging and car care packaging for automotive products are custom made to perfectly match the requirements of our customers. Custom packaging for automotive products can really make you stand out on the shelf.

Our capabilities in the packaging of automotive parts are among the most extensive in the industry. When you choose to work with us, you can rest assured that the finished product will be highly functional and attractive.

We utilize CCNB and SBS (virgin paperboard), which we can enhance with embossing, debossing and windowing. We can also print up to eight colors along with aqueous, UV and other specialty coatings. With our quick turnaround time and exceptional flexibility, GCI can be your go-to resource when you need to get a product to market quickly.

Packaging for  Automotive Products


Packaging for Automotive Products

It might be high end wax and polish kits or an engine starting fluid product — whatever the particular item, our customers come to us looking for custom specialty packaging that can carry their product with its own inherent message of quality and distinction.

Auto parts packaging and car care packaging clearly plays its own vital role in making a product stand out on the shelves from the competition and attract the attention of buyers. It also needs the correct level of toughness and durability to stand up to rough transport, varying environments and potentially long periods on the shelf.

Complete Customization

Our expertise in auto parts carton design and fabrication enables us to deliver packages that are completely customized for your needs. We offer numerous size options to fit your products. If desired, we have the ability to incorporate additional functionality into the packaging. We can also create packaging that offers easy access for consumers or tighter security, depending on the contents.

We make it easier to reduce your environmental footprint, as well. Our commitment to sustainability means we use as much recycled paperboard as possible, and 100% of our electricity is purchased from renewable resources.

Trust Our Expertise

With our combination of skill and know-how, there’s no better place to turn for automotive packaging solutions than GCI. We pride ourselves on delivering custom designs and functional packages. We’re also committed to accessibility — contact us anytime, no matter what you need or when. When you work with us, you’ll have a partner standing with you every step of the way.